Rural Exemption Site Applications

E-mail from Tracey Barrett, Housing Development and Viability Officer, BBC re: Rural Exemption Site applications – Chair reported that anyone who wished to apply for planned affordable housing at The Lane in Wyboston based on their connection to the Parish would have to include the following sentence when applying to get on the Housing Register:

“I (we) wish to progress my (our) application to join the Housing Register through normal channels. In the event that my (our) application would otherwise have been refused, I (we) wish to join the Register in Band D to allow me (us) to bid for rural exceptions schemes for which we have a qualifying local connection. I am (we are) particularly interested in the rural exception scheme currently under construction in Wyboston, to which we have a local connection”

It is important that they use this sentence as it may be that their circumstances allow them to access the Register in a band higher than D which will give them further priority when it comes to bidding for the properties.



Wyboston is lucky enough to have a portable defibrillator located on the outside wall of the entrance to the Village Hall. The defibrillator is for public use and may save the lives of people who suffer a potential cardiac arrest. It is especially designed for people with no medical background - when applied to the patient, voice commands and on-screen messages will guide the user through the process step by step. Its 'intelligent technology' will only allow it to shock a 'shockable' heart rhythm.

The access code to the box, as well as its location, will be given by the Ambulance Service Control Room when a caller dials 999 to report a possible cardiac arrest

12:14, 12 Apr 2017 by Diane Robins


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